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You’ve come to the right place to learn more about Direct TV satellite dishes from the major television company, Direct TV. Direct TV satellite dishes are a great choice for satellite television and offers all kinds of benefits. Everybody knows that Direct TV is the leader in the satellite television industry, as they provide 250 channels of great digital television to 15 million customers around the country. They have played a crucial role in the advancement of television technology by providing the first fully digital television service and demonstrating the benefits of the 18 inch satellite dish that’s now the industry standard. Best of all, Direct TV satellite dish viewers get a satellite signal they can rely on, with an incredible picture that’s clear and consistent.

A Look At The Equipment

Direct TV satellite dishes have channels that are completely digital offering outstanding resolution and clarity through Ku band signals and digital equipment in contrast to outdated C band analog cable networks. The equipment offered is top-of-the-line, DVR’s, HDTV with mpeg-4 Receivers and standard receivers. You can even get the system installed free and initial equipment at no extra cost, plus the possibility of equipment upgrades for Direct TV Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and High Definition (HDTV) satellite receivers. The equipment for Direct TV satellite dishes can be very pricey, and who doesn’t like getting something for free. Comcast, the biggest Cable TV company, is even feeling the crunch as Direct TV continues to offer irresistible deals on free equipment with the latest technology at a cheaper price.


With Direct TV satellite dishes you get over 255 all-digital channels including 31 premium movie channels, 25 specialty and regional sports networks, Direct TV’s exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA Mega March Madness, over 70 commercial free XM Satellite radio channels and your local channels. Sports options range from the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET(TM) to regional sports networks to international sports action and other sports subscriptions.


The picture quality from Direct TV satellite dishes is a lot better than it was when people first started to use dishes to receive live feeds from different broadcast stations. Now you get 100% digital-quality viewing on every channel and you can even play, pause and rewind live TV when you upgrade to a free DVR. Simply put, Direct TV satellite dishes offer you more choices, better value, and 100% digital picture quality. If you’re thinking of making the switch from Cable or Dish Network to Direct TV satellite dishes, now is the time.

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