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Access satellite TV on your PC and stop paying month after month for your ordinary service provider. Everybody likes to watch its favourite programs and movies once in a while but how much that can cost you at the end of the year? Always too much... Worse, it seems that we never have enough choices or channels, so we try to buy options for more and more different channels until we pay so much that we are almost surprised one day to realise how big the amount is on the bill. Now, isn't it time to realise that there are alternatives?

Because yes, there are. The old time where the only choices were to have only the ordinary channels or to pay for additional channels on the cable are over. We are at the time for satellite TV. So everyone, or almost, have now his own dish and receive the TV trough it. But the bills didn't seems to have changed much since the cable. How so? Because it is still the same thing: Bills month after month. How to end this?

There is a solution that is not well known yet, and for a good reason. Simply because all the money that was placed by the big companies out there on their infrastructure to deliver you your TV signal can't continue to live without your monthly pay check. And that solution is the Internet.

No more dish. Just you Internet connection. If you at least a broadband connection then you are ready to access the Internet satellite TV on your PC. The signal will go directly to your home via your broadband connection and you will be able to see as many channels as you want and from nearly any country that you wish. And the best of all is that YOU WILL PAY FOR IT ONLY ONCE! Why? Because you just have to pay for the program that will allow you to receive it. Once it is done, you can go in peace. Of course, you will still have to pay for your Internet broadband as usual, but that will probably makes no difference since you where already paying for it. Isn't it?

After that you can say good buy to your old satellite TV dish and watch the monthly bills go elsewhere while you are watching your favourite program with all your friends that you can now invite more often because of all the money you are now saving. Isn't that a perfect world?


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