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Satellite tv for pc softwares: it is now a possibility in the Television entertainment to watch tv through the pc computer at home. I personally didn't believe this until I did some online search for a reliable, quality and best internet tv software.

Satellite tv for pc-satellite what?

I had a hard time believing that I can watch live tv from my PC. Having missed out on many action series like prison break, I new I had to see what all this meant. You see satellite tv, despite its frequently reducing cost is still unaffordable to most of us folks. With essential monthly bills accumilating to almost $2000 a month, even a $39.95 satellite installation fee and a minimum subscrition fee of $19.95 seems to much to afford. Not for entertainment for a tv you never have time to watch anyway. I mean how many times have you felt guilty sitting in the sitting room watching TV as work piles away. I'll tell you that,... a good measure many.

Now this guy was telling me that I wont have to go to the TV set. TV will find me in my work at my pc and as I work. Too good a deal not to test. If only to see if it were true. So off I go into the internet searching for the free internet tv on my pc. I try the free sites to access the free online tv and boy what a disappointment. The time it takes me to watch free tv was too much for a half an hour series.

It happens that free tv is now accessed by so many people worldwide, wherever there is internet that the servers can no longer cope. Due to so many requests for free internet tv, the servers are unable to process the requests in time and the result iis that no one gets to watch free tv anymore. Its no longer an option if you ask me. So I go back digging into the internet for something more accesible and at speeds I can stand.

After going through a lot of sales pitches, I almost give up when a light bulb lights up in my head. What if I search from the market point of view. Surely, im bound to find a satellite tv for pc software that most marketers are selling. I tried one of the big online merchants called click bank to see if they had any such software that was on the market. Sure enough I found one very popular tv on pc software which to me seemed to be retailing at a ridiculous price. At only $49.95 the PC 2007 Elite edition seemed like a steal. I fugured it wasn't too much of a cost if only to get me tv that I could atleast watch from my pc.

What was most interesting is that the vendors website even had a miniscreen that I colud watch latest movie trailers as seen on tv. In addtiion the free pc tv software only took 2 minutes from download to watching the live tv. The website said that the software could also avail international tv from over 70 countries and I get to watch more than 3000 tv channels across the world. Try that for variety.

I decided to make the download and I was surprised at the speeds and variety of TV channels. In less than 2 minutes my computer had become a full theatre; from sports programs to football series, from educational tv channels to shopping guides. I had it all including classic series, to romantic tv soaps and live sports.

The variety also gave me access to tv in many languages that I wondered what it would mean for people living in Europe or USA from other countries. In an instant I had world tv channels in many languages and programs like African, Arabic, Armenian, Asian, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu.

Well, im yet to sample the last of the 3000 TV channels six months down the line. I think its was the best money well spent since.


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