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I started out to write a straight review of Dish Network for you, but I did want to mention there’s a little secret buried in here about how to save a ton of money when you order the Dish service. So pay attention, okay?

This review is going to start with a little story about my buddy Tim.

Tim is the most stubborn person I’ve ever known. Even when we were kids, I told him about a shortcut he could take through the woods to get from his house to mine a lot faster. Did he listen? No, he continued to go the long way around.

I told him not to use the rope swing over the river, the water was down and it would be too shallow. Did he listen? No, and he spent most of that summer in a cast from the knee down.

Even though I know about his stubborn nature, I still try to help him out when I can. The most recent example was when he finally got tired of the cable company raising his rates and decided to switch to satellite TV.

Every time I called him, he was scouring the Internet, searching for the best deal and who to place his order with. I told him about the place I’d found and how easy it was to use. “Do not buy Dish Network without checking out this site first,” I said. But did he listen? Of course not. I’ve put the link at the bottom of this story, so scroll down there and check it out. Hopefully you’re smarter than Tim and will take my advice and go there.

Anyway, back to the review of Dish Network. I told Tim how I’d already done all the research. I’d already learned that Dish Network offers the most channels for the least amount of money. It could have saved him so much time and aggravation, if he wasn’t such a stubborn SOB. If he’d listened to me, he could already be enjoying all the movies and sporting events on their pay-per-view channels. He could choose from 200 hours a day of HD programming. He could get an HDTV receiver, a DVR and 4 rooms installed for NOTHING! It’s all free! If you know WHERE to get it from, that is. And for that, you’re going to have to click on those links down at the bottom.

Now, Tim has to do things his own way, even when his own way is costlier, more time consuming and sometimes just downright stupid.

In fact, he’s just about ruined me for trying to help people. But I believe when you find something good, especially if it saves time and money, you should share it with others. That’s why I included those three links down at the bottom. I clicked on dozens of websites about Dish Network (and there are millions online) before I landed on those three, and believe me, they are the ONLY ones worth your time.

Now, let’s get to that dirty little secret I uncovered quite by accident. Some of the websites you’ll go to will bury their best deals on the inner pages of their websites. A lot of people don’t look beyond the first page or two of details and never even see them. While they may think it makes for good business, it doesn’t make potential customers very happy.

You can stop spinning your wheels and wasting your valuable time by following my advice and clicking on the links below. Why, because these guys are the ones who spend all day long finding those “secret” pages and keeping on top of the best deals. That’s the only way I was able to find the most current promotions and the simplest way to order your Dish Network system.

Or you can be like Tim, determined to do things your own way and spend days, even weeks, trying to sort through a maze of hype.

Tim called last night. After 3 weeks, I guess he’d finally had enough, though he’d never admit that to me. But he did ask, “Hey man, what was that website you said you found?” He tried to be all casual about it, like it didn’t matter much, but I knew better.

Don’t be like Tim. Listen to someone who’s been there and done it. Just click the links at the end of this story. You’ll be glad you did.

Here are the only three Dish Network sites worth your time: This Dish Network Review on DigitalTVDojo's blog tells you exactly what you need to know; this Dish Network Review page on Squidoo is spot on; and this Dish Network Review site on Hubpages shows you how to save around $200 when you order service. You need to check them out now. You can thank me later.


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