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The latest craze among TV fanatics is the digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR allows viewers to record and save hours of the hottest shows and movies, all in digital format, without the hassle of videotape. Like magic, the DVR lets viewers pause live TV and do instant replay and slow motion of the best scenes. Best of all, the digital video recorder gives a TV watcher the one thing he’s always longed for: the power to eliminate annoying commercials from his favorite programs. TiVo represents the latest in DVR technology, offering a wide range of capabilities to TV watchers. All content recorded by TiVo is digital quality. None of the crisp vividness that characterizes digital viewing is lost due to the recording process.

TiVo itself is made up of a hard drive and special software for recording digital TV. The software is intuitive: with a little programming, it will automatically record movies and shows it thinks the viewer will find appealing.

Recording and storage capabilities depend on the TiVo’s hard drive and differ from model to model, ranging from 30 hours to 300 hours. Recorded content can be transferred from the TiVo box to a desktop computer, a laptop or handheld video device.

TiVo offers a wide range of special features to enhance the digital TV experience. TiVo lets viewers watch a pre-recorded program while another program is being taped. Live television can be paused for up to 30 minutes, at which point the show will continue regular broadcast. A setting called Season Passes prompts TiVo to record every episode of a program whenever it comes on TV. If an episode of the show is repeated, TiVo can be instructed to skip it. Using TiVo’s Wish List option, viewers can record movies featuring their favorite directors and actors. Wish List will also do searches for favorite sports teams or athletes and record related programs.

Online scheduling with TiVo’s Series 2 box makes the recording of programs easy for the busiest TV fan. Using the Internet, Series 2 box owners can program TiVo to record shows in advance. So if you’re stuck at the office and can’t get home to catch the latest episode of 24, use the Internet to connect to your TiVo, and it will record the show for you.

Keep in mind that TiVo doesn’t function with C-band satellites, although TiVo boxes can be used with antenna, cable, digital cable and satellite TV receivers. DSL users shouldn’t have a problem using Tivo, although a DSL filter may be needed. Broadband connection also supports Tivo. Another point to remember: TiVo needs a landline phone connection in order to function to its fullest capacity.

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