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If you haven't been paying attention to TV technology lately, you've been missing some pretty impressive developments and the cable TV provider, Comcast, can bring them all to you. One of the most radical advances in TV technology in the past couple of decades- but the one that probably gets the least recognition- is digital TV. With digital TV, the picture and sound of TV are converted into ones and zeros that can be transmitted over a wire or over the air and then converted back into the TV picture and sound by a digital TV tuner.

The fact that the signal is all digital makes it very easy for the tuner to separate interference from the actual television signal, and that in turn allows the tuner to clean up the signal and produce a very crisp, clear, and clean picture as well as sound that can then be delivered through the TV. Another benefit of digital TV that Comcast takes advantage of it the fact that when TV programming is delivered digitally, a variety of other information can also be delivered along with it. This information, which is commonly called meta-information, can be used to assemble an on screen program guide and can be used by parental control software to determine whether or not the program is suitable for a household's children. Both of these are features that Comcast offers to its subscribers.

The on screen program guide is sure to save time and energy while avoiding the frustration of clicking up and down the channels in order to see what's on and decide what to watch. (This can be a real life saver when you look at the fact that Comcast can offer over two hundred and seventy five channels in its largest programming package.) Comcast's parental control software is just as valuable because it allows you to make the rules about what your children can and can't watch. Once you've made those rules, the software will then look at the meta-information of the programs that are about to come on the screen and then block any of them that break your rules. This provides real peace of mind for parents everywhere, and best of all it works with teenagers as well as with toddlers.

Of course Comcast offers a lot of other types of advanced technology with its digital cable TV service. For example, it also provides HDTV. HDTV is a high resolution, wide screen version of digital TV that was designed to provide a cost effective way to get the same quality viewing experience that you'd get in a real movie theater. While HDTV was designed to show movies, it's also very good for enjoying everything from news programming and programming about personal hobbies to sports and educational programming.

Video on demand is another cutting edge technology that Comcast can provide for you. Video on demand will allow you to enjoy things like recently released movies through the ON DEMAND pay per view service and special content from some of the best sources of programming through a special subscription service called Premium On Demand.

These are just a few of the ways that Comcast Cable provides you with lots of the latest technology.


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