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Certainly satellite TV via the internet is going to be the future for us to watch our favorite shows. In fact many people will be wondering how they ever watched TV any other way before. So just how do you go about setting up your computer in order to watch satellite TV on PC. Below we will look at a few of the things that you will need in order to achieve this.

1. Because technology is rapidly advancing it is now quite easy for you to watch satellite TV or hear the radio through a PC. All you need in order to do this is some specialist hardware known as a PCTV card of which there are two types. There is one type which can be installed directly into your PC whilst the other type is an external box that just needs to be able to plug into a USB port on a PC.

These cards are designed to use the PC's infrastructure in order to decode the satellite signals that they receive and thus allow the user to watch free to air digital TV and radio programs. Also there are even some cards which have a built in processor which allows you to view TV in a separate even when you are running other programs on it. But which ever card you choose both of them are specifically designed to receive broadband internet via satellite. Although the requests are made through the phone line as usual the data that is received at 40MB per second comes via a satellite dish.

2. The processor inside your PC should be of the standard of a Pentium II 333MHz and carry an operating system such as Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP. It should also include a good quality sound card, a spare USB slot and a CD Rom drive. Plus if you happen to be a real computer geek you could also include a card that has either windows media player, real player or quick time player on them. All of which will take your viewing on to the next and higher level.

As long as your computer has all that we have mentioned above you will soon be able to have of fun when you watch satellite TV on PC in the future. So why not take a look and see what this great way of watching all your favorite programs can offer you through the recommended TV site in my resource box below.

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