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Today not only can we watch satellite TV we can also have digital satellite TV instead. This is far much improved on the older form of analog TV's. It means that the pictures produced are of a far higher quality as they have a greater number of pixels. Normally in order for a person to receive satellite TV they will require a dish and satellite receiver.

Certainly there are many advantages to be had from owning a satellite TV system compared to the original analog systems.

1. It provides you with the option to watch as many as 256 channels.

2. Because it is broadcast in digital format you will have clearer pictures and the sound quality will be much better.

3. Some satellite TV systems now include DVR (Digital Video Recording) so you can record and watch your favorite programs at a time to suit you.

4. Today you can now get High Definition (HD) receivers which will allow you to watch your favorite shows in HD format.

5. Satellite TV is in fact more reliable than either cable or over the air TV. It has less blackouts and also fewer problems with the quality of the pictures being shown on your TV at home.

6. Many of the satellite TV companies offer their customers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But unfortunately there are some drawbacks also to watching satellite TV.

1. Problem the main drawback to having satellite TV is that if the weather really gets bad then you can sometimes lose signal between your satellite dish and receiver and the actual satellite. This can really cause problems if you happen to be in the middle of watching an important program.

But apart from this there appear to be no other problems that are associated with watching satellite TV.

But today there are two different methods which are normally used to broadcast a TV show or a movie. There is the old way of analog and today there is the faster and better way is to watch Satellite TV. The real difference between these two ways is the higher resolution used by satellite TV which provides a higher quality picture and sound to your TV.

Looking at this benefits, it is understandable why more people are starting to watch satellite TV. Find out how you can do so and not only that, watch satellite TV on your computer through a popular blog recommended in the resource box.

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