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In the world of FTA’s or Free-to-Air technologies, a brand of digital masterpiece claims a name above the rest, ViewSat. Paul knew more about ViewSat through his friendship with a neighbor and their love both for sports.

Paul was on his way home when he found Vincent climbing a ladder to the roof. Curious, Paul stopped and parked his car on the side of the road. Vincent was his new next door neighbor, who was not that friendly to Paul, and was always seen fixing his satellite dish. It wasn’t clear to Paul, but it seemed like Vincent was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, as he was muttering a lot of incoherent words while climbing up the ladder. Paul thought it must be the FTA satellite acting up, but he wasn’t sure since when it comes to technology, his IQ is better left to his Mom to describe.

He approached Vincent with the subtle movements of a graceful grizzly bear and before he could even take his third step, Vincent called. He ushered him to come up the ladder and help him setup his new ViewSat Receiver.

Of course Paul was perplexed, wondering what a ViewSat receiver was, and how he could be of much help since he was a little afraid of heights. Pushing the question and anxiety aside, he climbed up to help his neighbor. Vincent explained that the Viewsat was a state-of-the-art digital receiver, for FTA, which boasted a full DVB or Digital Video Broadcasting, as well as MPEG encoding and decoding, and featured several memory, video and audio enhancements that would have placed all other FTA providers to shame. Vincent informed Paul that ViewSat, as a premium FTA receiver, provides high quality reception for their FTA satellite dish in the United States and Canada. The ViewSat receiver has been designed and manufactured to perfection, using the most modern communication technology and state-of-the-art media compression and enhancement systems.

The setup was fairly easy and just 45 minutes later, the two came down the roof. They watched with pride at the ViewSat Receiver hoisted nicely on top of the roof – a very modest achievement for Paul who had nothing to do with gadgets. Although Paul didn’t really know what the dish was for, Vincent seemed very delighted seeing it on top of his roof. He turned to Paul and asked him if he loved sports. Vincent was an avid fan of football. And before he could even say anything, Vincent blurted out two words that would change Paul’s day – Liverpool and Manchester. How could he have forgotten? That was primarily the reason why he came home early. Paul asked Vincent if he could watch the game with him, through his FTA and Vincent happily agreed.

That’s where it all started –the friendship between two neighbors – made possible by a little ViewSat story.


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