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The era of satellite television has begun. In the past few years, satellite television providers have turned tables on their cable counterparts, who committed the grave mistake of misunderstanding the power of their competitors, and gripped the television distribution market with awe.

When satellite television viewing was first introduced, the cable TV operators did not bother much about it as the dishes were expensive and were too big and bulky. They presumed that the industry wouldn't last for long and since they had been in business for over a decade people would still prefer them to the satellite television providers.

But little did they realize that the satellite television industry was here to stay. The satellite dishes soon got sleeker, the systems improved, prices dropped, quality went up and customer satisfaction rose. As per recent surveys satellite customers pay $10 less than their cable counterparts. The TV picture is in an all-digital format and the reception quality is topnotch. All in brief, satellite TV service is looking more and more competitive and the consumers started buying it.

Before the cable TV companies manage to react, satellite TV companies (namely Dish Network and DirecTV) started to taking up cable's market. Cable operators provide for an upgrade to digital however they do not guarantee that all the channels will be included in the same. In addition the increasing competition, the satellite television industry assures a constant competitive pricing. This makes satellite TV a much preferred choice of entertainment media when compared to the normal cable network.

So is satellite TV better than the cables? You bet!

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