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Like me most of you were probably very apprehensive and had many questions when you first heard about watching Satellite TV on your computer, for this reason I have prepared a list of questions that most of you probably have and I have answered those questions to the best of my ability.

Why would I want Satellite TV on my Computer instead of on my regular TV?

There are many reasons, my main reason was because of the price. I could not afford the monthly payments that services like dish network charges me. I now get the same channels and programs with the same quality of Dish Network with a one time payment which means I pay NO MONTHLY RATES. Also the fact that I don’t need any equipment was also a major turn on. Furthermore for people in countries that do not offer regular Satellite Television watching Satellite TV on your computer is the only away to watch the great channels and programs with such clarity that only Satellite TV can offer.

How is the picture and sound quality?

I have been watching Satellite Television on my computer for over 6 months now, and my brother has a regular Dish Network Service and even he admits that there is no difference in quality even though he is paying for service every month.

Do I need to install any bulky equipment?

No absolutely not, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. There is no equipment to install and no holes to drill.

Do I need to live in America?

Absolutely not, no matter where in the world you are you can watch Satellite TV on your computer as long you have a computer and an internet connection. It is even available in countries where you could not get a regular Satellite service.

Do I need to by technologically savvy to set this up?

Absolutely not this is the easiest way to watch Satellite TV, anyone could do it.

How do I watch the channels?

You can choose, channels will open in either your Internet browser window, Windows Media Player or Real Player.

What is included with a membership?

With your Membership you receive instant access to 9000+ Live and Recorded TV and Premium Channels and 3,888+ Live Radio Stations. Types of content available includes but is not limited to movies, television shows, and sporting events from around the world.

How about sporting events which ones can I watch?

You will have access to thousands of sporting events on any given day. If its on TV somewhere in the world you will have access to it.

What type of sporting events can I watch?

You can watch most US, Canada, UK, and Mexico sporting events.

Is Watching Satellite TV legal?

Yes, absolutely! You are granted access to open gateways which is completely legal.

What software do I use to watch the streams?

All you need is Windows Media Player or Real Player.

How much does it cost? And are there any hidden fees?

It costs $49.27 which is one time fee and you get lifetime unlimited access to the media service, you will NEVER be re billed. And absolutely no hidden fees.

About The Author:

Eric Maddison is a self proclaimed TV addict visit his website to watch Satellite TV on your computer with out the high prices and with out the bulky equipment, no matter were in the world you live just as he does.

How to Watch Satellite Television on My Computer


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