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More people are looking forward to watch satellite TV on PC. There are many reasons why they are doing this but in order for you to do it, you will need some specific software for your PC. This piece of software can easily be found on the internet and downloaded on to your PC. Once it has been downloaded, installed and is up and running, it will provide you with a list of national and international TV stations that you can watch on your PC. But not only this, you will be able to watch movie trailers, cartoons and play games as well. All you need to do is click on the TV station of your choice and it will bring up the station in full audio and video on a media player for you to watch satellite TV on PC. That said, there are also several drawbacks which I will also share here.

Let us talk about the benefits first. Not only can you browse channels in the usual way you would do with either a TV or satellite TV from a long list of countries, but it also allows you to browse different genres, such as movies or sport etc in a laser targeted manner.

There are also many other benefits from using software to watch satellite TV on PC and a few are shown below.

1. You can add bookmarks, search and manage channels. This tool is built in to many software programs and it allows you to search for the kind of channels that you are really interested in quickly. It also allows you to 'Add Favorites' which will then provide you with a permanent bookmark on any channel that you would like to go back to some other time. Also many of these PC satellite TV software packages allow you to create and manage any bookmark that you make into a folder separate from everything else on your computer.

2. Channel Information. They will not only give you the station's name but also a clear description of it. The software also tells you if the station is online or is being updated or has been updated. This helps in keeping you informed of which stations have been modified and which are ones they are having problems with.

3. Huge TV Channel Selection. There are more than 2000 TV channels to choose from. These are TV programs from many countries and you can watch TV channels like world news, movies, music videos and a whole lot of excellent programs.

Now, the not so beautiful side of things...

1. You do need a high speed broadband connection to run the software. While most software packages explain that you can still watch TV on a slow dial-up connection, the truth is that dial-up transmissions are slow and can really spoil the whole viewing experience with slow to load frames.

2. Most monitor screens are 15 - 17 inches which are too small. Even if the quality and resolution are excellent, you still cannot get too much out of it. Of course, there is a way to work around it with a video cable wired to a real TV set.

As you can see from above there are quite a good number of reasons as opposed to drawbacks for using software which enables you to watch satellite TV on PC today. So why not take a look on the internet and see what software programs are available for doing this or come by my satellite TV blog for more information?

Davion is a TV fanatic. Discover how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE sports events, game shows, news, movies and so on without monthly subscriptions. Also read his wildly popular article on how to watch satellite TV online for free.


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