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Worldwide viewers are catching on the craze to watch digital satellite TV. Basically, you have two obvious choices when deciding on the TV system to watch TV. Digital satellite TV and analog TV are the two alternatives you have. The clear difference between the two TV systems is the picture quality. I will cover the comparison between the two in the next few paragraphs.

To watch digital satellite TV or analog TV should be an easy decision to make. Watching analog TV is pretty much obsolete now. In case you do not know, analog TV has been around for decades. The old TV sets would not allow you to view digital TV channels since they are not able to support the pixel requirement. Picture quality and resolution improves with increasing number of pixels.

Having a digital TV is not enough as you still need a complete satellite TV solution including satellite dish and receiver. These are important parts of the entire system to convert TV signals into picture. The technology used in digital TV set is so advanced that it makes your whole viewing experience revolutionary when comparing with analog TV.

Picture and sound quality are just one of the many benefits in watching satellite TV with digital quality. Analog TV only offers a small selection of TV channels unlike the huge range of satellite TV channels on digital. These are the factors that make digital TV viewing a more enjoyable experience. Nowadays, satellite TV companies even provide additional recording features in the control boxes to allow you to record entire TV series.

Watching digital satellite TV may be exciting but it does have one minor glitch. Bad weather conditions are a nemesis to good TV reception. If your home is caught in a storm or strong winds, you would lose the satellite TV connection. That effectively terminates your TV program.

From what we have listed, it is not difficult to tell that digital TV is more superior to analog TV. The popularity of satellite digital TV is not about to stop growing anytime in the near future. With more people realizing the digital quality of satellite TV, they are ditching analog TV.

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