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The first thing that you should know about RV satellite antennas is that there are three types: satellite radio antennas, satellite cable television antennas and satellite internet antennas. These antennas also come in portable models and affixed models, as well as regular and low profile models. You will want to select the RV satellite antenna that is right for your communication and entertainment needs.

The type of RV satellite antenna that you have, your service carrier and the type of satellite signal you are trying to pick up are all going to impact where you will be able to pick up a signal. Most satellite services will be accessible in the continental U.S., however, if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico or the Caribbean, then you may find that satellite cable, radio and internet services may be limited. However, recent updates in satellite technology make some satellite services available to anyone who has a clear view of the southern skies.

One of the satellite systems that you can select for your RV is the EchoStar Satellite Network. This network is what operates the Dish Network. It currently uses 14 different satellites with orbits ranging from 61 degrees West to 148 degrees West. This satellite network uses both Ku Band and Ka Band links, however, the Band that your satellite dish accesses will vary depending on what satellite your service is linked to and what cable satellite package you select. Your satellite dish model will also impact which satellite you will use to link to programming.

There are dozens of satellite dish antennas that you can buy. However, your choices are going to be limited to what antennas are designed to pick up the signals transmitted by your service provider. For example you will need a MotoSat portable antenna if you want to receive MotoSat mobile internet service while on the go, you will need a Sirium Micro Dot Low Profile Antenna or Sirius Magnetic Car antenna to pick up Sirius radio signals, or you will need a Winegard or King Dome satellite to pick up satellite TV signals.

When you are on the road you can feel detached from your family, friends and business. Fortunately you now have access to satellite internet and radio service. All you need to get connected is a service provider, a modem and a truck satellite antenna. Stay connected to the media sources of your choice with RV satellite antennas. Choose from satellite radio, satellite cable and satellite internet antennas. Understand your broadband internet satellite dish by learning about its components.


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